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Pregnancy is a sensitive period for both mother and the new life that grows in the mother’s body. We know that an individual food item cannot have all the required nutrients that is essential for the baby’s development. We’ve heard that the baby eats what you eat, hence you try to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Along with exercise and healthy activities your diet should also be healthy. And eating healthy means eating foods with the best nutrition but are there any pregnancy superfoods?

What superfoods are good for pregnancy?

Don’t avoid foods that healthy for your baby just because you don’t want to gain extra pounds. So, what are the superfoods that are beneficial during pregnancy. Here we would discuss the superfoods that you should eat during pregnancy and how they are beneficial for you. Here is our handpicked pregnancy superfoods list.


You can easily add avocados to your diet in different forms such as avocado salad or guacamole. It contains omega 3 fats that healthy and play an essential role in developing your child’s brain.

Fortified Breakfast Cereal:

During the first few weeks your body needs folate, however the body’s need for vitamin B does not end until the birth of the baby. It is difficult to meet the daily required dose. This can be helped by consuming fortified breakfast cereals which consist of these essentials.

Lean Meat:

The physicals demand of pregnancy can be met by the consumption of skinless lean meat. Consuming 71 grams of lean meat daily is considered healthy as it leaves you satisfied and helps your body hold on to the lean muscle mass. You can have it in different ways sandwiches, grilled meat or meat with a side of vegetables.

If your iron levels drop, it can leave you feeling weak and tired. Meat contains a form of iron that is easy for the body to absorb.


Lentils are rich in proteins, fiber, iron, vitamin B, healthy minerals and folic acid. These are the best plant based source of nutrients and due to the high fiber content, it eases your constipation problems that may have been a contributing factor in causing lower backpain during your pregnancy. you can have them in both salads and soups and give your baby the essential nutrients.


Broccoli is known to be rich in antioxidants that play vital role in fighting off diseases and other nutrients such as folate, calcium and fiber that are essential during pregnancy. It contains vitamin C, when taken with iron rich foods, it helps in the absorption of iron. The vitamin A also helps in bone growth, balances blood pressure and healthy vision.


During pregnancy, spinach plays a role in prevention of birth defects such as spina bifida, cleft palate and cleft lip as it contains folic acid. Spinach can be easily incorporated in your diet. You can have it your salads, sautéed or in case you don’t like the taste, you can blend it with strawberry and banana smoothie.  


Beef consist of good proteins such as B6, B12, iron, zinc and niacin which helps in the cognitive development of the baby. You can have it as steak or add steak cuts to your pasta and salads.


You can not go wrong with this proven superfood. So if you want to know which fruit is good for baby brain during pregnancy, our answer will be berries. Berries provide fiber, folic acid, potassium and vitamin C that protects the body’s cells from damage. This sweet fruit can be consumed in various ways. You can have it in breakfast by adding to your cereal or blend it into a smoothie. Add some to your salads or have it with Greek yoghurt.


You can fight off pregnancy fatigue but having a banana or two as it provides quick energy to the body. They’re a rich source of potassium. Have some in your breakfast or add one to your smoothie prior to some pregnancy friendly exercise.

Pasteurized Cheese:

The first thing that comes to our mind after hearing the word cheese is pizza, that too during a time where your cravings are at peak. However consuming full fat cheese should be avoided as that would be consumption of extra calories and cholesterol. Pasteurized cheese is rich in magnesium, calcium and phosphorous that helps in the bone growth of the baby. Add to your omelet or have it with some snacks.


Eggs also contain the healthy omega 3 fats which helps the brain development of the baby and enhances the vision. It’s a good source of amino acids and proteins for both the mother and the child. Add come boiled eggs to your salad or have it as omelet along with some pasteurized cheese.

Orange Juice:

Fresh juices are generally recommended during pregnancy rather than going for other sugary drinks which are like consuming extra calories. Oranges are known to be rich in vitamin C but it also consists of vitamin D, potassium, calcium and folic acid. Oranges are 90% water, hence keep you hydrated and you’re able to meet your daily fluid needs. Have a fresh glass alongside your breakfast or have it as a frozen popsicle.


Fish are known to be rich in proteins and is an important recommendation on pregnancy superfoods list. It is packed with omega 3 fats, proteins and vitamin B which also enhances the vision and promotes brain development of the baby. They’re good either way whether smoked, grilled or broiled.

Whole Grain Products:

You should swap your regular bread with a whole grain variety, such as brown rice, oat meals and crackers. These act as a good supply of zinc, folic acid, iron, fiber and vitamin B. you can have it as snacks or in breakfast.

Greek Yoghurt:

Yoghurt can make up to 20% of your daily calcium requirement. It consists of probiotics that keeps your digestive system healthy. The probiotics are the healthy gut bacteria and combats the unhealthy bacteria. Its benefits are:

  • Reduces risk of early labor
  • Reduces risk of allergies to the child
  • Decreases risk of prenatal infection due to presence of probiotics


A cup of figs contains about 5 grams of fiber. Although it has high sugar content, they are essential for the development of baby’s teeth. Being pregnant you need to make sure that your body is not deprived of any vital nutrients. Iron deficiency can lead to anemia. Figs are rich in iron so you should take them once in a while. You can avoid being constipated if you have figs as a part of your diet.

Sweet Potatoes:

Bake it roast it or mash it, you can have it any way you want. This fiber loaded food item makes up to 75% of your daily requirements. Along side it also contains vitamin C and potassium. You serve it as a side dish or enjoy it alone.

Pumpkin Seeds:

As your body grows during pregnancy, you might as well want to add pumpkin seeds as it helps in muscle repair. It gives you a boost of proteins that carries out this role. As for the baby it enhances vision, and helps in brain development. Pumpkin seeds are the vegetable source of iron and you can have them as snack, use as topping over soup or have it in your salad.

The Takeaway:

Pregnancy is a delicate and blissful time period, however you should take care of your body for both, yourself and the baby. The mentioned pregnancy superfoods offer a variety of options that you can consume on alternate days. Adopt a healthy lifestyle, eat healthy and though you should avoid the consumption of extra calories and fats, you should consume what is essential for the baby’s healthy development.

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